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Bats... Bats....Bats.....


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  • Bats... Bats....Bats.....

    Every night bats visit my carport, hang around and deposit their poop on the carport floor... When I go out the next morning they are gone but the next night they are back.. No where in sight for them to nest in the area of the droppings... any ideas on how to discourage them from visiting me each night?

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    I wonder if a spray might work. Could try one of the critter-be-gone sprays that supposedly keep squirrels, deer and such away. Could also try Dawn dishwashing liguid and spray a solution of that on the ceiling. It keeps down fleas and such, maybe it would keep away bats, too. Just guessing here. That Dawn solution....blend in some cider vinegar with it. It's used on cats and dogs for flea control, smells fine, and since it's out of the rain may last a good long while.