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Stained Concrete ... Moss Killer

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  • Stained Concrete ... Moss Killer

    I have several areas of my concrete walkway that was stained (Orange) during the application of a moss killer product... Does anybody know how to remove these ugly orange stains without harming the grass next to the sidewalk?

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    try scrubbing with tri sodium phosphate and water. a weak muriatic acid wash will do it too, but you risk the chance of foliage damage.


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      Problem solved - Rust Stains GONE!

      After trying several things and having to let the concrete dry between attempts.. I REMOVED THE STAINS... I used straight Distilled Vinager and a scrrub brush.. being careful not to get any on the adjacent grass... Once I did about a 3 foot section, I washed the area down thoroughly with a hose.. that way any of the vinager that did get to the grass was very diluted and didn't cause any damage.. Two lessons learned: (1) Be careful when applying a moss treatment and (2) you will smell like a dill pickle after removing rust stains with Vinager..


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        I Discovered the Right Way to Remove the Stains

        After making a big mess on my sidewalk and driveway with the moss killer, I searched high and low for a way to remove the stains. I tried the home methods and I definitely recommend that everyone stay away from anything that involves muriatic acid (nasty stuff!!) I tried something that I found in Home Depot, but it didn't budge the stain. Finally I found the answer at The Rust Store ( It's a product they call Concrete Rust Remover and it works like a charm. I highly recommend it and the guy on the phone was very helpful and familiar with the problem.


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          Iron Out

          I tried white vinegar on bad stains on my stamped concrete deck. My husband spread MossOut and it stained our deck very badly. The vinegar did not do anything. I bought CLR and it also did nothing. A powder product Iron Out which is mixed with water did an amazing job. I used a stiff floor brush and scrubbed the solution and most of the stains came out with the first try.