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Replacing Landscaping Railroad Ties


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  • Replacing Landscaping Railroad Ties

    Years ago we installed used Railroad Ties as a border between our lawn and the black top roadway.. They looked fine and rustic until last year when they started to deteriorate rapidly as can be seen in the photo.. First thought was just to pull them up and drop another railroad tie down in its place, however the local stores that once carried railroad ties won't sell them anymore because of the chemicals they contain.. ugh! Looking for ideas on what might work in the same 8"x 8" footprint of the ties? comments or opinions please as I am going to have to hire someone to do the work.. Thannks

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    ​best solution is recycled plastic edging, it is more durable weather resistant, and in case of upgrades in few years, it can be easily available I hope


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      Given that railroad ties are no longer available due to chemical concerns, here are some alternative ideas that could work in a similar 8"x8" footprint:
      • Concrete landscape timbers: These are precast concrete blocks designed to look like wood. They're durable and don't contain harmful chemicals.
      • Composite landscape timbers: Made from recycled plastic and wood fibers, these are long-lasting and environmentally friendly.
      • Natural stone: Large, flat stones or a low stone wall could provide a rustic look similar to railroad ties.
      • Pressure-treated lumber: While it does contain some chemicals, modern pressure-treated wood is safer than old railroad ties and can be cut to size.
      • Gabion walls: These are wire cages filled with rocks, which can create an interesting, rustic border.
      • Concrete curbing: A poured concrete border can be shaped and colored to your liking.
      • Large timber beams: New, untreated hardwood beams could provide a similar look to railroad ties.
      • Retaining wall blocks: These interlocking blocks come in various styles and can be stacked to the desired height.