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  • Wheelchair ramp

    Hi, I'm interested in building a ramp for a wheelchair bound young lady. Does anyone know of a good program I might use or plans I might look into for the specifications of building one of these? This forum is part of my research so if you could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

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    Whenever I need information on designing handicapped accessible facilities I contact the local Veterans Administration Office. They have dozens of brochures and a library of information on how to meet the specific needs of individuals who are handicapped in any manner.

    In my personal opinion there is no other organization who has had near thier experience with addressing the needs of the handicapped.


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      I had one

      I agree with the VA option. But the oddity of it, I just tore one down this weekend. It was covered with that brown carpet turf. I never had to use the ramp for a wheelchair, so I dont know if maybe they had put the turf on it to help with traction? There were about 10 2x6's screwed to a wood "form". It was well made bc I think it was the only thing around this house "neatly" constructed. It did involve cement, but not much. My grandma had one made with thick plywood, I would prefer the 4 feet 2x6's, just more sturdy and sound. And ours had those aluminum "deck" railing that attached to the porch support, that helped it looked nice, until the 4 boys had it bent down and wobbly from their gymnastics. I am now in the process of getting the spot filled in with cement and making a patio. Good luck on your plans, and maybe check on that turf too


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        Here are a couple of links that will be informative;

        Additionaly, your local Dept. of Building and Safety should have handouts.
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          I just finished building one a month ago for a veteran.
          VA around here as well as hospital rehabilitation department says that there should be a 1:12 grade and a minimum of 5' in width.
          The transition from ramp to grade should be of concrete/asphalt construction and not of soil (to avoid soil loss at start of ramp and then causing a lip).
          These are the standards be it for a wheelchair or for prosthetics.

          Mine ended up being 18' in length and 5'5" wide (match into the clients existing deck). I concreted posts into the ground at 6' centers and ran 2x8's for decking joists. I then used decking running left to right walking up the deck.
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