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Will anything stop the squeaking doors in my house?


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  • Will anything stop the squeaking doors in my house?

    I've tried oil and that silicone spray (which reeks!), but they only stop the squeaks for a short time and I don't like constantly using that sort of stuff - is there anything else I can try? It's hard to peek in on sleeping children when the door makes sooo much noise!


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    if you have hinges with removable pins, remove the pins and use regular 'ol vaseline.


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      will that keep the squeaks away for a long long time - it sounds like a lot of work on multiple doors - they all squeak (3 bedrooms)


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        While oil, light grease or petroleum jelly certainly will solve the problem those products also introduce another problem. They are wet and they will retain dirt and dust which increases hinge wear. A much better solution is to pull the hinge pin and rub both the pin and the hinge contact points with a bar of soap.


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          In response to all the doors squeaking, we have one door that used to squeak all the time. Every six months or more I spray the hinge with PAM spray. This doesn't smell and it eliminates the squeak. I do have to repeat this like I said every 6 months or so but that seems to be a small price to pay when I only have to do it that often.


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            I had the same problem, and posted it to this forum a while back, in fact. It was suggested to me to pull the squeeking pins and grease them with a light film of plain lithium grease. I did this, it was easy to do, and it worked great. It didn't make a mess, no smell, no drips, and the treatment has lasted so far well over a year and still going strong.


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              Have you tried WD40? :P


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                I think you may remove the pins and use regular 'ol vaseline.