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AFCI Breaker is dead? How to replace?


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  • AFCI Breaker is dead? How to replace?

    My Dad used to say, "You had to play with it until it broke, didn't you!"

    Well, yes, I did.

    I pressed the little yellow TEST button on an AFCI circuit breaker and it did as it should, tripped the breaker. I flipped it back on and damn! It feels like it's on but the circuit is dead.

    My questions:

    1. I assume the breaker needs replacement, yes? I can't imagine what else might be the issue.
    2. Just curious: Is this a known thing? I seem to recall that older AFCI units are unreliable. This one is about 12 years old.
    3. What should I buy to replace it? I can DIY this but anything I should know (other than turn off the power!)? To buy one, I am guessing the spec is: "Eaton AFCI type BRAF, 15 amp." But I see several possible models at Home Depot or Amazon, not sure what to get.
    4. I assume I should replace with AFCI and not something lesser (and maybe more reliable?).

    Thanks all! And yes, Dad, I had to play with it.
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