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AFCI Breaker is dead? How to replace?


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  • AFCI Breaker is dead? How to replace?

    My Dad used to say, "You had to play with it until it broke, didn't you!"

    Well, yes, I did.

    I pressed the little yellow TEST button on an AFCI circuit breaker and it did as it should, tripped the breaker. I flipped it back on and damn! It feels like it's on but the circuit is dead.

    My questions:

    1. I assume the breaker needs replacement, yes? I can't imagine what else might be the issue.
    2. Just curious: Is this a known thing? I seem to recall that older AFCI units are unreliable. This one is about 12 years old.
    3. What should I buy to replace it? I can DIY this but anything I should know (other than turn off the power!)? To buy one, I am guessing the spec is: "Eaton AFCI type BRAF, 15 amp." But I see several possible models at Home Depot or Amazon, not sure what to get.
    4. I assume I should replace with AFCI and not something lesser (and maybe more reliable?).

    Thanks all! And yes, Dad, I had to play with it.
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    AFCIs have evolved a lot over the last 12 years. It appears your BRAF model is obsolete. Here's a note from the Eaton website (Eaton makes BR-type breakers): dot htm
    "Are the BRCAF breakers being replaced?"
    "The BRCAF115 (15A), BRCAF115CS (15A), BRCAF120 (20A) and BRACF120CS (20A) will be replaced with the BRN115AF (15A) and BRN120AF (20A). These are not plug-on neutral
    types, they have the standard pigtail for the neutral. There is also a higher AIC (22 kAIC) option, BRHN115AF and BRHN120AF available."

    The plug-on neutral variety do NOT have the white pigtail; pull the cover off your distribution panel and see if yours have the pigtail.


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      Update: Eaton replied to a message to let me know that the current model that replaces the one I have is BRN115AF. I found one online and installed it. It works. Problem resolved.


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        Great! Thanks for updating us and glad you got it replaced.