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Trane blower motor seized, replaced with Dayton motor - Wiring help!


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  • Trane blower motor seized, replaced with Dayton motor - Wiring help!

    Hello everyone, new here

    Desperately need a hand with some wiring. The old GE motor on my Trane XL80 went out. I contacted Grainer and they recommended a #3LU79 Dayton motor with a matching capacitor.

    Coming out from the GE motor is a white (goes to CIRC on the board), Yellow (hot park), Black (cool), Blue (hi heat), and Red (low heat).

    Now on the back of the Dayton motor, I have 2 Brown lines (1 w/ white strip and 1 without), White, Black, Yellow, Red and Orange. Also, 1 green which appears to be a ground only.

    I can submit photos if that will help, just have no idea where to put these. I took out the GE and greased it and was able to get it running for a few days, but eventually it went back to chirping and finally just stopped on me.

    Also, this capacitor does not indicate common, there are just 2 4-pronged leads and that's it. FWIW, I work in IT and have worked on cars for years and years, so I figured this couldn't be THAT difficult. But I just don't want to wire it up how I think it should be, and have it blow up in my face.

    Any help would be much, much appreciated!

    I found this site via a thread by Epiguy on these forums. Can't link to it because I'm so new. He asked about ac wiring. It's title "wiring ac blower fan motor".
    That thread was very helpful and would be awesome if I could follow that but I am having trouble exactly what goes where.

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    Sorry for the orientation of the photos, completely forget to edit them before uploading. The photo with the pcb is what is current on the furnace, with the bad motor that is still yet to be removed. Next are pics of the new Dayton motor.
    Thank you in advance for your help!
    Click image for larger version

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      The good people at Grainger were able to help me out with the wiring. Just for reference for anyone who stumbles on this thread, here's what I did...

      Blue cable from GE = Yellow cable on Dayton
      Black = Black
      Red = Red
      Orange cable on Dayton was capped
      White = White
      Both browns went to the new capacitor
      Green wire had a mounting bolt go on around the steel motor mount

      Just spliced and soldered, taped it up and zip tied everything. Nice and clean, and working well