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Where can I find a 25x28x1 filter for my @!~% Lennox HP?


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  • Where can I find a 25x28x1 filter for my @!~% Lennox HP?

    I am an unhappy owner of a CHP26-036-2PA Lennox Heat pump which has a filter size unknown in this world - 25x28x1. Internet searches found nothing, including Lennox web page. I called Lennox, got no help, just (rudely) told to contact a local dealer.

    The thought of only being able to buy through a dealer (local dealers have none but will try to order) is a little upsetting.

    So, does anyone know where filters this size might be obtained? It's beginning to look like I might own the only one of this model that Lennox ever made!

    How about fabricating my own filter out of a roll of filter media? Is that reasonable?

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    do a search on a 25X12X1 and just double up on the media


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      How old is this system, where are you getting that model number from ? (Lennox don't even list that model number). ?????
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        Not that old, really

        I think it is 5-7 years old.

        I only got one hit with google, a page of specs at

        I asked my local dealer to contact Lennox and find out if filters exist for this unit. They said Lennox told them that this unit does not come with an internal filter.

        So, I looked at my filter again thinking maybe the installer built a filter frame. No, the frame that is there seems to be part of the cooling coil frame. Sure looks like factory made to me.

        Anyway, I'm getting some custom filters made. Problem solved.