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Monitor2400 Error Code E-15


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  • Monitor2400 Error Code E-15

    Hi Everyone,

    I did some digging around the forum before posting here. Just enough it seems to discover that an E-15 refers to a low voltage condition. I am a ham radio operator here in Northern NY so I know a little about electricity. Our group installed a Monitor 2400 that was donated to heat an 880 sq ft comms building. it has operated for the last 2 months without incident. Today we opened the building up to find a very cold E-15 beeping in the corner. I could understand an E-13 or 14 since we did not perform any pre-season conditioning of the unit prior to installation, so I am naturally perplexed. Please allow me to be the first (?) in the blog to ask specifically what conditions would prompt this specific code to appear. As for what we are doing in the meantime, the unit has been unplugged for the day (propane kicked in to prevent frozen pipes) in an effort to clear the memory from lockout.

    Thank you all in advance,


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    monitor 2400

    Well, I am in Northern NY and have a 2400 in my house. Has you unit ever been run off a generator? I'm saying this because a generator has very poor regulation and could have popped something on the motherboard. any unit to reset the internal computer just needs to be unplugged and plugged right back in. Let me look into that, for now.


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      Originally posted by HayZee518 View Post
      any unit to reset the internal computer just needs to be unplugged and plugged right back in. Let me look into that, for now.
      Hello HayZee,

      I was hoping you would pop by. Nice to talk to a fellow NNY'r once in a while. Well we plugged her back in and the code is still there. In the time that we have had it there has never been an activation requiring generator use. Aside from possible sprites in the mains feed, our reserve power is buffered by a battery-inverter storage process. I did read the entry about surge protection and have plans to provide regulation to the building as a whole. In the meantime the unit is on a surge strip. The donor indicated that the unit was never employed during the use of a generator.


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        use a digital meter and measure the voltage at the outlet, then the surge strip. My heater is plugged directly into a dedicated outlet. we've had spikes and bumps on the line enough to knock power off but I never got the E-15. look at your motherboard and see if there is a lithium cell on it. to me that would explain low voltage, because when the unit is plugged in, whatever the line sees, the secondary of the control transformer will see, either above or below the line voltage.


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          M2400 transformer

          Use your volt/ Ohm meter and check your transformer. The H connector should show 141 Ohms, R connector Yellow wires 1.9 Ohms, and R connector White wires 590 Ohms. If those values are correct and the line voltage is correct, the main circuit board is bad. If the main board is bad send it to Mathis Electronics in NC. They do a great job.



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            Having reread your post I think we need to have more information on your “backup power” system. You did say it has a battery and an inverter. Even though you use the term “buffered” I will assume the battery is charged by the inverter and is used only when the power goes out?? Please provide us with the brand and spec of the inverter. Also give us an idea of the battery size and condition.