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Monitor 422 runs several cycles, then shuts down. Has to be restarted.


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  • Monitor 422 runs several cycles, then shuts down. Has to be restarted.

    I have a Monitor 422 that has a consistent problem that the shop can never seem to repair. It just received a new burner ring and igniter, however, the squeal that developed recently and the unit shutting down after running several cycles is still persistent. Any ideas? I am capable of tearing the stove down and repairing it myself. I have a second unit with good parts. Thanks for any help.

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    M422 not cycling correctly

    Almost every time you replace the burner ring you should replace the burner mat. A M422 burner ring will last a long time. When it is ready to be replaced the mat is surly ready as well. A squeal or howling noise could be a flue pipe or air intake problem.



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      M422 Not Cycling Correctly

      Thank you for mentioning that. The mat was replaced. I am pretty sure the burn ring and the mat don't really have anything to do with the stove cycling off, usually at night. The technician thought it might have been the igniter since the one that was in the stove was not heating consistently across the surface. Still searching for a direction to look.


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        M422 cycle trouble

        If the stoves quits after running about the same amount of time I would look at the fuel supply. How high is the bottom of the tank in relation to the floor the stove sits on? How much fuel is in the tank? Do you use any kind of treatment (not recommended)? Have you changed the filter and cleaned the filter on the stove? Is there a vent on the tank? And last but not least, is the circulating fan and fan blade spotlessly clean?



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          m422 with issues

          Ok, the fan is clean, there is fuel in the tank, and the tank is higher than the monitor. My suspicion has been that it suddenly has moments of fuel starvation. This particular tank does not have a vent, so I will try loosening the fill cap a bit to see if that corrects the issue. Keep trouble shooting. I will keep you up on the progress. Luckily, we are having relatively warm weather during the day for a moment. Typical Kachemak Bay winter weather.


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            Have you checked the fuel delivery line going to the pot to be sure it's not clogged with carbon? Do not attempt to remove the line while the pot is warm/hot as it will often cause damage to the pot.


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              try buying a tube of water detector paste and put some on a wooden dipstick. then "dip" the tank all the way to the bottom. if there's water present the paste will turn pink.
              you'll need to get rid of the water as I think it is freezing in the fuel line to your heater. Hence the fuel starvation issue.
              if you remove or just loosen the large phillips screw and drain off some fuel, look at its color. dyed kerosene looks a bright red. water with the kero is clear to almost a brownish color.
              the way to get the water out is to get a hand crank barrel pump with an extension to reach the tank bottom.
              Collect the water/kero in a plastic jug and wait for it to settle out. kero floats on top of water. then just pour the kero only back into the tank.