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christmas eve toyo 30 issues

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  • christmas eve toyo 30 issues

    I hope this isn't a problem to post here.
    My friend's toyo 30 quit today, giving and ee6 error. I bled the lines everywhere, took the circulating fan out and cleaned it well. The unit will will start, pump sounds good (no alarming sound of thumping) combustion fan normal, circulating fan starts, low speed, then higher speed, flame looks healthy and blue. The stove runs on high for a few minutes then gives an ee6, the flame continues to burn and look healthy for 2 or 3 minutes after the error was dispayed. I guess the only thing left is to check the overheat sensor. I have the same toyo in my shop so am going to remove the sensor and try it in my friend's heater.
    Does anyone have any other ideas?
    Thanks in advance

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    switched toyos

    I took out my toyo 30 and took it to my friends house and it works well. It wasn't the overheat sensor.
    Now that her toyo is on my bench,I can take a better look at it. I'm going to check the 1/8 fuel line going to the chamber and see if there is any carbon on the flame rod.
    Any other ideas.
    Have a merry day all


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      EE 6 Laser 30

      If the flame continues after the Error Code, there is something causing the flame sensor to not recognize the flame. Before we can try to diagnose your problem we need to know how long the stove has been in service and when the last time the burner was cleaned and a new mat and ring installed.

      The Toyo Laser 30 has it's own over heat code, EE12. The main board can tell if the overheat sensor has opened. There is a difference between EE 6 and EE12. EE 6 tells you the flame sensor alone shut the stove down. Lose of fuel, lose of flame (carbon or soot), blocked air or exhaust, partial fuel nozzle block. With EE12 the flame sensor shut the stove off after the overheat sensor opened and shut off the fuel pump.



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        I don't know anything about your type heater accept they're similar to the Monitor. These are things you may have already checked, but if there are filters in the heater check that they're clean. I also had one of the fuel lines between the tank and constant level valve on my Monitor stop up with trash/debris a month or so ago causing it to shut down saying it was out of fuel so you might need to use compressed air to be sure all the lines are clear and the heater is getting fuel.


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          it goes

          well, I got the toyo going today. It is very similar to a monitor. My friend tells me the unit got sent out to be serviced two years ago. I ersonally did the service this fall, changed filter and cleaned filter in the sump and cleaned the fan etc.
          I did take it apart and found that the tube going into the chamber had about an 1/8 of carbon in it. I couldn't get a piece of bailing wire thru it while looking into the pot. There was a bit of carbon build up on the inside so I scraped it away. The burn mat is just a strip about an inch across and running the diameter of the pot. It looked fine. I took the opportunity to blow out the unit and give it good cleaning.
          Well, it's been running for 2 hours and all looks well.
          Thanks for everyone's help. This is one the best sites out there. I visit often.


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            Thanks for the update. Glad you were able to find and fix the problem.