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"newer" monitor specs


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  • "newer" monitor specs

    Since the "newer" monitor models do not have an adjustable air solenoid switch can I assume they are self-regulating as far as air/fuel mix or is there something else I should be adjusting? I have the magnehelic gauge and use it to adjust the older models but have no specs as to what these newer burners (ex. M2200) should be reading.
    Any ideas?

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    You should not have to adjust anything on the M2200, M2400. The circuit board controls the blower speed for each level of burn. It does only control it at one speed for each setting, it is not variable. Very seldom would you have to mess with the fuel control to adjust the volume.

    The reason you had to mess with the solenoid damper is that it kind of acted as a butter fly valve. If the damper slipped it would either be too closed or too open. Monitor just could not figure out how to get the air right, so they put on a damper on the blower case , one in the air hose and a solenoid system. In reality it worked very well. I for one am very glad they did away with that system. Tom


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      Thank you Tom for a very informative answer! I too am glad for the simpler system.