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Monitor and my homeowner's insurance


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  • Monitor and my homeowner's insurance

    Brief question of the community : has anyone raised eyebrows at their insurer's office when asking about installing a Monitor? I mistakenly mentioned the word "kerosene", and the place (state farm) started buzzing like a bad relay. Waiting for a decision from on high at home office. I'll understand if the responses are few. Gary

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    The Monitor Company isn't manufacturing anymore kerosene vented heaters. Whatever parts they have in stock, on their shelves, they'll sell. Once they're gone, that's it!
    You'll be better off going with Toyotomi propane and vented kerosene.


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      When my insurance company found out I removed my octopus down cellar and was running a kerosene heater (Laser 73), they removed my water damage clause for frozen pipes (they didn't freeze last winter @ -28F, windchill of -35F and haven't frozen for 66 yrs (that's when we got that new fangled in-door plumbing)). They also removed the rider for ice storm damage. I demanded an independent evaluation. I got one, but the guy told me the insurance companies don't have to listen to anybody but themselves. And they ignored the independant evaluation of my heater. They even demanded a surround like a wood stove. I told them to stick it where the sun don't shine because I am following the manufacturers recomendations and they are a lot smarter than you are. Apparently, anything designed since the 1960's is "New Age" and they are scared to death unless you have oil fired forced air around here!
      If I had to do over again, I would leave the octopus, even though it took up 1/3 of the cellar, disconnect the power and fuel and never say a thing to anybody!
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        Insurance Company that will accept a Vented Kerosene Heater w/o penalty

        Finally found an insurance company that would accept my vented kerosene heaters, Preferred Mutual. As long as the heater had a thermostat, they were happy.


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          Who is the Carrier, please?