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5 year burn chamber rebuild update


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    Fordman, Did you get your M422 serviced? I sent you a Private Message. If you're still having trouble post again here.

    Thanks, Tom


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      Originally posted by hawkins111 View Post
      Fordman, Did you get your M422 serviced? I sent you a Private Message. If you're still having trouble post again here.

      Thanks, Tom
      No I haven't serviced it yet. At this point without a better understanding of how to remove the burn chamber and heat exchanger I think it's best I leave it alone until my mind (depression and anxiety) has improved). I'll have to look at your PM to see if it helps. I saw one from you a couple weeks ago but I still don't remember how to remove all the parts to access the chamber/exchanger and get it back together right.


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        I believe you have the Monitor 441/422 manual. Section 5 Servicing, page 39 has the procedure for disassembly of the unit. If you no longer have the manual, I can outline the procedure for you when you are ready.

        I do wish you the best of health,



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          Tom, I no longer have the manual. I lost it when my old computer went bad and it was on it's hard drive. Please post anything that will be helpful but not something I have to download because the small hard drive on the current computer is full.


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            Under normal running conditions, soot will not
            deposit in great quantities inside the burner, and a
            light covering of soot will not affect the performance
            of the unit thus it need not be cleaned. However, if
            heavy soot built up does occur the unit should be
            opened and cleaned.
            The burner is assembled using gaskets to maintain
            its air tightness. If these gaskets leak, the extra air
            can cause a serious soot problem and or exhaust
            gases to escape into the area being heated.
            NOTE: If any gaskets are torn when components
            are removed, replace. Disconnect power
            supply to unit.
            If cleaning is necessary, use the following method:
            1. On the Monitor 422
            A. Remove louver assembly.
            B. Remove front cover.
            C. Remove top cover and lead wire con-
            D. Remove front and top heat shields that
            cover the bum chamber and their lead
            E. Remove fuel piping from burn chamber.
            F. Remove igniter.
            G. Remove flame detective rod lead from PCB
            H. Remove screw at top of burner cap which
            attached it to cabinet. Remove screw at
            back of cabinet from exhaust duct and
            remove the 4 screws holding the burn
            chamber to base.
            I. Rock chamber back and forth lightly, raise
            about 1/2" and remove burn chamber and
            heat exchanger, as one assembly from unit.
            J. Set chamber upside down and remove the
            4 screws which secure the burner pot to
            the burn chamber. Pull the burner pot up and

            Section 5: Servicing
            3 Turn counter-clockwise to remove combustion
            ring. If ring does not turn, pull up slightly to
            loosen retaining clips.
            4. Use wire brush to clean inside of combustion
            Vacuum and wipe clean with a waste cloth.
            5. If tar is present on the burner bottom, remove
            the tar by using a flat-bladed screw driver or
            wire brush.then clean the area by using a
            vacuum cleaner etc.
            NOTE: Make sure all air inlet openings are clear.
            6. When cleaning the inside of the burner pot,
            remove the igniter and change the burner cloth by
            the following procedure.
            7 On the Monitor 422
            A. Apply glue<P No8217) on the burner bottom

            Put the burner cloth on the burner bottom,
            afterwards press and straighten out the
            burner cloth so that it is glued flat and even
            on the burner bottom.
            9. Combustion ring may deform and deteriorate
            after several years use and should be cleaned
            and inspected before reinstallation. If combus-
            tion ring is warped, has cracked or is deteriorat-
            ing it should be replaced.
            10. When reassembling the unit check that com-
            bustion ring is positioned with the correct side
            up and is sitting squarely on all three support
            screws(M~422) or pins(M-441) inside the burner
            11. Reassemble by reversing the procedure foll-
            owed during disassembly.
            NOTE: Use of the economy plus feature can
            minimize service calls and extend com-
            ponent life.