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MPI 2400 e 14 and 13


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  • MPI 2400 e 14 and 13

    My monitor 2400 was working ok off my 5 gallon tank, but it would shut down after refueling and throw an e14 and then e13 code. I keep hearing the pump gurgling and knocking and then it loses flame and shuts down. I cleaned the fuel line and going into the burn pot, I also cleaned the strainer that comes out of the side. It seems like it is not able to pump fuel. The tank I am using works fine with my other heaters. Is there another screen somewhere that could be plugged? Or could the pump be messed up? The last few times I have tried to start it, it doesn't seem to light and throws an e13 code.

    I would really like to keep this heater in my den. Lugging these around gets old.

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    I need to see a picture or diagram of the fuel system. Length of run, vent and height of the tank are what we need. There is a world of difference between E14 and E13. E14 means the stove came on a ran for a while before quitting. E13 means the stove never light the first time. If you ever get E14 then you have proved the igniter, blower and air safety switch. With E13 you have to figure in all kinds of variables.


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      It's just the standard 5 gallon quik tank that kero sun mad with a 2 foot hose going to it.
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        You got me there. I have never seen one of those tanks. From the picture I can't see the cap, vent or outlet, however I can see that you don't have enough head pressure to get the fuel to flow through the filter to the heater. Believe it or not the filter on the stove is so fine it will stop the fuel flow if you don't have 2.0 to 2.5 PSI of head. If you can raise that tank to the same level as the top of the stove I think it will work for you.


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          OK, that makes sense. I have some lift pumps but no tank to feed the heater so I have to use that. Do you think the filter on the 41 and 441 requires less and that is why they work better?


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            If the lift pumps are Monitor or Toyo they should also be just above the top of the heater. You can feed more than one heater from a lift pump as long as the run is not too far and they are on the same level. The pump will run more if it is feeding two heaters. The filters are the same mesh for all Monitors.


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              Ok just an update, I bought a new tank and primer hose. I hooked the heater back up with new tank and it's doing the same thing. When pump starts knocking I prime the line and it goes away. Probably have to prime every minute on high. It is hard to prime, I popped vent cap off sump and still hard to prime. There has to be another screen in sump. I believe I have this issue with several other heaters.