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2400 kero smell when starting up


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  • 2400 kero smell when starting up

    My 2400 gives off a kero smell when it's firing up. Once it's going, it seems to be ok. I'm pretty sure it's not an exhaust smell, and it's not setting off the CO2 detector. It was rebuilt about 3 years ago - I wonder if it needs another rebuild?

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    Check the connection from the heater to the flue pipe. This connection must be all the way together. It's a little hard to get all the way in.


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      also check the copper tube where it goes into the burner. I just had a 2200 where the tube was not tight or properly seated. It leaked between the burn pot and the exterior chamber where you could not see it. But it soaked the ignitor gasket, and the chamber base gasket, and was dripping on the drip tray.

      But that wouldn't go away so maybe not.

      flue sounds like a good idea.

      Maybe the level on the sump?

      Any visible kerosene inside with the front off?


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        Thanks for all the tips. Strangely, the smell seems to have subsided since we've had milder weather. The smell was only present when firing up, and there's no signs of kero leaking. I do notice the fire ring has some orange embers mixed in with the blue flame.


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          Can you take a close up picture of the tip of your exhaust pipe? Thanks, Tom


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            Here's the exhaust
            Click image for larger version

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