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Monitor441 random shut dowm


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  • Monitor441 random shut dowm

    Having some trouble with a 441 . Serviced it last summer , cleaning , burner mat , blower bearings . Burner ring very slightly warped , reused . Unit worked good for several weeks then flashing lights . Started right up for another few weeks , then flashing lights . It is now down to a day or two before shut down . Filter on tank and unit changed/cleaned after first shutdown . Is there any testing method for any of the shut down sensors ? Thanks for any help .

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    Any deformation of the burner ring is a reason to replace it. The flame sensor is what is shutting the stove down. It's not broken, it's doing it's job. More than likely the sensor has soot on it. You can clean the sensor, but the problem will come back. You can make up a flame sensor by-pass which allow you to test the stove, but you need to know what you are looking at. If you let the stove run on without lighting you'll flood it completely. You need to open the stove and replace the ring and possibly the mat as well. Tom
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      We woke up one morning awhile back to flashing status bars. I loosened up the screws to the flame sensor, wiggled it around a little bit and tightened the screws back down. I think maybe in my case it was just carbon bridged between the flame sensor and flame ring. This was probably over a month ago and it's been doing fine ever since. I've had this same problem in the past and usually just loosening and wiggling the flame sensor around a little takes care of the problem for several months.


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        My inclination from its behavior is the burner ring . I will try that first , plus look for soot bridge . Any info on how to test other sensors for future reference ? Thanks and Happy New Year .


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          New burner ring arrived today , will install in a day or two . Monitor has been running perfect since I posted 12/31/18 ,go figure .


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            Update , New burn ring installed 1/1 19 . It looks like there was some soot below the flame detector that fell off and was probably the cause of intermittent shut down . And probably the warped burn ring contributed to the the soot . Vacuumed out the burner , not much there , installed New burn ring and has been running fine for two weeks . We shall see ! Thanks again for all the help .
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