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Anyway to set Monitor 441 base heat lower than 46 degrees?


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  • Anyway to set Monitor 441 base heat lower than 46 degrees?

    Well it's that time of year when the Monitor questions fire up. Got my shop Monitor 441 fired up with the help of some old posts in this forum.

    With the crazy fuel prices would it be possible to program the default heat (46 degrees) to a lower temperature. I'm only in my shop (insulated 2 car garage) daytime and to save some fuel would be nice to have the default temp at maybe 40 degrees? I was recently given a Monitor 2400 but suspect it's reduced output would be offset by using more fuel to maintain the base heat?

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    A two car Garage should be able to be heated by a Monitor 2400. I would think a M441 is over kill.

    I would think the M2400 set on Economy Plus and a set temp of 50 or lower, would heat the space fine. On Economy Plus the unit will go 10 degrees over the set temp before it shuts off. The good part is that the unit runs on low during the whole cycle. This keeps the temps at an even amount during the whole cycle.

    The difference in fuel burn for both units is: M441 Low .12 gph, Med .25 gph, High .319. The M2400 is .07 Low, .013, and High .164. As you can see the M2400 burns about half as much fuel as the bigger unit.