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Laser 560 no longer made


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  • Laser 560 no longer made

    Early this year Toyotomi announced the Laser 560 will no longer be produced. They stated the Laser 560 was only made in the USA and dies for manufacturing had to be replaced which was too expensive. Toyotomi says they will be making parts for the L560 for sometime to come.

    The Laser 530 is another 20K BTU heater that can replace the Laser 560 very nicely. The Laser 530 is the new model of the older Laser 23. From past experience, the Laser 23 and 530 are both very good units. They are OK to use ULSHO as well as #1 fuel oil. There is no mention of the use of heavier #2 fuel oil in either of these units.

    All in all the L530 is a good replacement for either L56 or L560.