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Toyotomi Laser 730 Power Saver feature


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  • Toyotomi Laser 730 Power Saver feature

    The new L730 has a Power Saver feature similar to the Monitor Products units. They advertize it as a feature to save electricity when using an alternative power source. To save electricity it reduces the number of times the stove cycles from off to running and back to off. This reduces the number of times the stove will be using large amounts of power to run the igniter during the start portion of the cycle. During the start portion of the cycle the stove will use about 285 watts of power, where the unit will only use between 50 and 85 watts while running.

    The Power Saver feature can also be used to keep the number of cycles the stove goes through during operations down. The unit will start as normal then go to Medium from the Set temperature to 1 degree over Set, at which time it will go to Low from 1 degree over Set to 10 degrees over Set. When the stove reaches 10 degrees over the Set it will go to the off cycle.

    The Laser 730 and the older L73 have suffered from heating and cooling cycle expansion for a long time. Components such as the burner ring and burner pot can show signs of warping due to this heating and cooling. During normal operations this heating and cooling happens every time the stove gets to 4 degrees over the Set Temperature. Extending the time the stove runs on the Low cycle keeps the components at a steady temperature for a longer period of time.

    This opinion has been shown valid on Monitor heaters with the Economy Plus feature for some time now. In most cases with a Monitor 441 or 2400 heater that is the sole source of heat, the time between overhaul is about three years. When the Economy Plus feature is used the time goes up to about 7 years. When using this feature you do have to live with the room temperature cycling through 12 degrees and this can be a problem with some households.

    Since the Toyotomi Laser 730 is very new there is little or no documentation on this subject. I have been using a Monitor 441 for 22 years now, 15 of which have been using the Economy Plus feature. Many people here in Western Alaska that use Monitor heaters to heat their shops and garages have benefited from the Economy Plus feature. I think the use of the Toyo Power Saver will show an equal benefit to owners. This feature is also available on Laser 560, Laser 530, and Laser 300.