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Kerosene Line Air Embolism


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  • Kerosene Line Air Embolism

    This summer we replaced the floor in the Livingroom which contained our Laser 73AT. When I reattached the copper kerosene line, I could not get any flow. With the line removed from the heater, there was no flow either. Apparently there was an air bubble in the line preventing gravity from pushing kerosene to the heater. I solved the problem with a Harbor Freight Vacuum Line Bleeder. I filled the reservoir two times, 1st with froth and the 2nd with kerosene and air bubbles. With the tip of the Vacuum Line Bleeder removed from the copper kerosene line, I started to get bubbles and kerosene and finally after about 10 seconds, pure kerosene. The Bleeder costs $25.
    Problem solved!
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    Inlet kerosene line should be 18 inches above the floor the heater rests on.