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"A" Model Laser 30 Combustion Motor Rotational Sensor EE8 Fault


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  • "A" Model Laser 30 Combustion Motor Rotational Sensor EE8 Fault

    The Combustion motor is only a year old. Started getting EE8's occasionally. A re-boot removes the error code and everything is fine for awhile. Per the Service Manual, I cleaned the connections at the motor and CN12 on the MOBO. I read 0 VDC at CN12 before starting and 2.5 VDC during running. That according to the Service Manual is OK. However after the heater gets to the setpoint temperature and shuts off, I should read 0 VDC, I read 5 VDC. But if during operation, I lower the setpoint to cause the heater to shut off, I get 0 VDC when the shutdown is complete. So I am confused as to the cause of the EE8. Is it the 5 VDC at CN12 after setpoint shutdown that might cause the EE8? Is the root cause the Rotational Sensor on the Combustion Motor requiring replacement of the motor assembly or the MOBO that needs repair or replacement?

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    I see the 5V DC is on the Red and Blue wires and I'm thinking that is all the time. The 2.5 V DC is on the White and Blue wires while running. If you are reading 5 V on the White and Blue wires then something is wrong with the sensor.

    To be honest I have never had to check those values. If you get an EE 8 message it's the motor. I have had other models get water on the sensor wires and they corroded, causing a EE8 message. All that said, if the motor makes any noise at all it needs to be changed, error message or not.

    The A model motor has been out of the inventory for a long time. I suppose you could get one from EBAY or someplace. If you go to Toyotomi you will only be able to buy a B model motor, which means you will need to get the washers to mate the new fan blade.


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      I was getting the 5 VDC on the White & Blue wires when the setpoint was reached. No motor noise. Like I said the motor is only a year old. I thought the combustion motor was the same from model "A" - on. Aren't you thinking of the Blower motor? That one was changed for the "B" model. Have just done that and it is so quiet, I couldn't believe it.


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        You wouldn't have an old Laser 30 Combustion motor with bad bearings that I can use for a sensor donor?


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          I'm sorry, I do not have a Combustion motor for an A model. If you have any other Toyo combustion motor with a sensor on it, I would look at the sensor, they may all be the same on earlier units.

          The new B model combustion motor (Blower) has a different shaft and fan. It requires a couple of washers that have a D shaped hole. The circulating fan motor is different and has a different fan as well.