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Basic Fence Building Questions..


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  • Basic Fence Building Questions..

    The local BB stores are no help when I asked this question about replacing a 9' section of deteriorated Cedar fence..
    (1) I bought the 5/8" thick x 6" x 6' cedar fence boards They were somewhat damp / wet in the store but after sitting in my shop for several weeks, seem much dryer. WHEN INSTALLING ON FENCE, WHAT IF ANY AGP should I use between the edges of the boards.. Worried about expansion or contraction??
    (2) When attaching the boards to pressure treated 2 x 4's... Should I use 1 1/2" Private Messages Stainless wood screws or is there something better to use? Thank you for any help or advice..

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    My understanding is that the space between boards for a wood fence should be 5/8 inch to 1/2 inches.

    I don't know if there is anything better to use but I think the stainless wood screws would be suitable.

    Send us some pictures, good luck!