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Basic Fence Building Questions..


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  • Basic Fence Building Questions..

    The local BB stores are no help when I asked this question about replacing a 9' section of deteriorated Cedar fence..
    (1) I bought the 5/8" thick x 6" x 6' cedar fence boards They were somewhat damp / wet in the store but after sitting in my shop for several weeks, seem much dryer. WHEN INSTALLING ON FENCE, WHAT IF ANY AGP should I use between the edges of the boards.. Worried about expansion or contraction??
    (2) When attaching the boards to pressure treated 2 x 4's... Should I use 1 1/2" Private Messages Stainless wood screws or is there something better to use? Thank you for any help or advice..

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    My understanding is that the space between boards for a wood fence should be 5/8 inch to 1/2 inches.

    I don't know if there is anything better to use but I think the stainless wood screws would be suitable.

    Send us some pictures, good luck!


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      As for your first question, using an end grain sealer between the edges of the cedar fence boards can help reduce the amount of moisture absorbed by the end grain and slow down the process of deterioration. This can help reduce the potential for expansion or contraction.
      As for your second question, using 1 1/2"" stainless steel screws would be a good choice for attaching the cedar boards to the pressure treated 2x4s. The stainless steel will help prevent corrosion, especially since the 2x4s are pressure treated. You can find quality ones on scrooz. And don't worry, it'll be fine
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        DD716TED how did the fence project go? Send us pics!