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Lennox Elite Gas Furnace - No Heat (LEDs show "normal operation")


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  • Lennox Elite Gas Furnace - No Heat (LEDs show "normal operation")

    I have a Lennox Elite series Gas furnace that we just tried to fire up for the first time of the fall season here in North TX. Here is the issue i am having:

    When system set to "HEAT" and Fan set to "AUTO", nothing happens at all. I can set the Fan to "ON" and it will kick in and blow air, but the furnace does not light up at all.

    I have opened the furnace door to check the Status LED lights, both Red & Green lights blink Simultaneously Slow (1 sec interval) which the sticker inside the door says "Normal Operation".

    Does anyone have any advice on how to trouble-shoot this problem? It is below freezing for the next few days and my HVAC repairman is pretty backed up, won't be here for a few days.


    Location: Dallas, TX
    Outside Temp: 30 degrees
    Inside Temp: 60 degrees (and dropping)
    Lennox Elite Series Gas Furnace (do not know where to find the model number)
    Age of unit: +/- 7 years

    Here are a few photos, hopefully this helps some:
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Cant see your thermostat wires where they are connected at on the board, If you jumper from r terminal to w terminal the heat should come on, If it does you have a problem with the wiring or thermostat


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-01-25_062023_24v_tstat,hp.jpg
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ID:	87322If all the limits and safety's are closed and you have 24 volts to W and no flash codes the board is bad.
      However if you kill power that erases the codes, you need to look through the peep hole to read the code