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M422 yellow start


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  • M422 yellow start

    I just renewed a 422 burner pot with advice from this site, including mat and gaskets. The ring was in good shape and reused. The heater starts horribly, witb yellow-blue around the flame ring, and a solitary high yellow flame under the window that extends nearly to window’s top. No soot visible in the chamber or at the exhaust. After warm up, it burns absolutely perfectly from then on. I don’t intend to reopen it without need, but like many of you I bought enough material to continue servicing both of my heaters, so some idea what might be avoidable next time would be welcome. Thanks for any input, Gary

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    Do you have the Air Damper S part # 6209 installed in the air hose? If not you are getting too much air.


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      Thanks for the reply, i should have been more patient. It straightened out by itself and burns perfectly. Now back to the firewood pile