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M21 combustion fan slowdown

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  • M21 combustion fan slowdown

    I got home this afternoon to flashing lights on my M21 heater. I restarted it and the combustion fan is barely spinning. I am assuming it is worn out. Has anyone successfully rebuilt one of these motors? Are there replaceable brushes? It doesn't make noise , it is still very quiet.

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    If it is an original it has oil ports on both ends. These motors do not have brushes. I have had only limited success oiling the bearings. It is worth a try before you replace the motor.

    You will have to remove the combustion motor assy. in order to get to both sides. This will give you a chance to clean the fan blade and inspect the blower case. ( fan nut is left hand thread) If the case is gray it may be cracked. If so you will need to replace it. The new one should be black. If you have to replace the case you will also need to adjust the solenoid damper. This can be tricky.

    Keep us posted on your progress.


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      Were you able to fix your motor problem?