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  • !! Whats this !!

    i have a monitor heater 441 that works good for a few days and sometimes for a few minutes when the burner lights start to flash. i have cleaned out the "entire" fuel system. i also took the sight glass off and cleaned it. then i started the heater and saw blue flame until it clicked then got tall yellow flame... but i noticed that it didnt take long for the glass to get completley black again. if this is internal will some one tell me what i have to do to fix this my self? pics and drawings will be extreamley helpful. thanks.

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    your problem is insufficient combustion air. change the blower's bearings or change the entire motor bearings are 608Z bearings.


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      In addition to motor bearings you should also look at the solenoid damper. The little “O” ring that acts as a bumper may have broken and fallen into the spring. This can cause the damper not to open all the way. It would also be a shame to overhaul the blower assembly and not touch the burner. I would say a burner overhaul is in order. New mat, ring and gaskets all the way around. Clean the heat exchanger by taking it off the combustion chamber and shaking the carbon out. Be sure to glue all the gaskets when you put things back together.



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        Combustion blower info

        Here's some info on the combustion blower I've put together from my own observations and some digging on line.