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  • Toyo fuel pumps

    Can anyone tell me if the fuel pumps are interchangeable on the L73 and L56 ? I would like to know if it is the controller on each unit that determines the amount of fuel allowed to the burn pot or whether it is the nozzle size in the pump of each respective unit.

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    Sorry it has taken me so long, I have been on a trip through Canada. Yes it is the controler that controls the flow. The nozzle is the same for both stoves. As an authorized Toyo Dealer switching just the pumps would have been a no no. I have never tried switching just the pump. Be sure to calibrate the flow rate after any change. You will need a CC marked cup, which you can get from Toyo. Check all three flow rates and be careful as it is a little time consuming.


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      Thank you for your response. I realise that as a dealer you would not be able to do such a thing. As a home owner it was worth a try!! I did switch just the pump and visually it works perfectly on all 3 settings although I did not check the actual flow rates.
      Just knowing that the nozzle is the same size is reassuring.
      Thank you !!