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Pressure test fuel pump OM 122DH, OM148, BS36


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  • Pressure test fuel pump OM 122DH, OM148, BS36

    Pressure test your
    122DH, OM148, BS36 water heater fuel pump. If you have a sooted unit that requires disassembly and repair, or a bad fuel pump, you will need to pressure test the fuel pump. You can get the fitting from Toyo to connect to the fuel pump and burner. Its an easy job. The one thing to keep in mind is to make the connection to the fuel pump with only the fitting and no hose or extension. With an extension you have the chance of air in the line. This air will cause after drip of the nozzle when the unit shuts down. Depending on the amount of air this drip can be excessive. You will know there is something up when testing the unit, as there will be a little smoke or mist when the unit shuts down. Any smoke or mist at shut down is a problem.