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service new Laser 730, 560


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  • service new Laser 730, 560

    Servicing a newer style Laser heater, you will notice the front panel has a ribbon strip connecting the indicator panel to the main circuit board. The indictor panel is built into the front panel. It is a bit of an issue to run the heater after service because the strip is a bit short. The old L73, 56 could be run with the front panel off and you could see everything. Now you have to have the front panel on or just off to the side a little. Any movement of the panel and the strip comes off the main board. PITA. That was my day, yesterday.

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    The next surprise you will run into when servicing a L560 or L730 is that, if the installer did not put a fuel shut off valve inside the house, next to the stove, you can not shut off the fuel at the heater. Being able to control the fuel flow right at the heater is really nice when trouble shooting fuel flow. The new stoves do not have a fire safety valve with a handle. Also be very careful when tightening the brass fitting on the fuel line. Be sure to use two wrenches...