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Burner coating on L530 and L560


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  • Burner coating on L530 and L560

    "For Laser 530/560
    Both models do not have a burner mat. A burner coating
    is on the original units. When cleaning up bottom of the
    burner pot, remove the old burner coating. The burner
    coating can be purchase locally from an auto-parts store.
    The burner coating is an exhaust manifold paint rated for
    at least 1200 degrees F."

    This statement is right from the Service manual for L300, L530, L560 and L730. It is now becoming clear the burner coating on L530 and L560 does not last very long. When it is vaporized away the fuel does not flow as it should. The flame may not get on the flame sensor in time to meet the main circuit board specification. When this happens you will get an E-2 message. There may be a flame in the window, but usually the flame is very late in the cycle and very low.

    The other thing happening with both L530 and L560 is if those stoves are undersized for the house and run on High or long periods of time, a carbon crust may build up on the fuel nozzle tip. This can be enough to stop the fuel from getting into the pot. You may not hear the fuel pump thumping and get an E-2 message. With a new stove this can take from 3 months to a year to manifest itself.

    A quick fix for this is to push a stiff wire or paper clip into the fuel nozzle to break up the crust. The stove will more than likely run, but it would be a good idea to service the burner pot with a Burner Mat and glue. I would not redo the burner with the Coating, it just does not work.

    This burner coating is not used on L300 and L730. Those stoves have a burner mat installed. This coating was tried on L56 heaters and did not work any better on them.