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fire safety valve handle


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  • fire safety valve handle

    When your Toyostove give you an E 2 message, one of the first things to check is the Fireomatic valve. It does seem that the newer valves are not made as sturdy as the first generation.

    If your valve handle fails, it will let the valve stem drop down to a point that fuel will not longer flow. It is very evident when you look at the stem and see it is sticking out of the handle only a little way. The lead plug has become detached from the handle and let it slide down.

    If this is the case you will need a new handle. You may have to file or cut a notch in the stem for a screw driver to hold the stem while you turn the handle off. First generation L560's have this type of safety valve. Later generations have a different style fuel sump and this valve is not needed.

    At some point Toyotomi started using new style fire safety valve handles on their water heaters and boiler as well. OM 148 and OM122 have this style of safety as does
    OM 180 boiler.