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  • E01

    On a 441 Heater I receive E01 when I turn the heater on.

    only displays this error and beeps, does not power up.
    i have removed the flame sensor wire.

    switched main board and still received error.

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    What about your ground wire? You may look at the plug polarity? I'm at a lose.


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      Will do, thank you


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        The Monitor troubleshooting chart also says, "Pinched wire".


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          Yes I saw that and have seen no signs of a pinched wire.


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            If you go back to an "E01" thread in Jan 2015 you'll see that one member found that the thermistor wire was shorted and caused E01 to come up. Try pulling the thermistor wire off the PWB and see what you get.


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              Main board was the issue. Switched it and issuexwent away.


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                Working on two 422s

                One of mine has the E1 code also. Book says like above post says flame rod or wire is grounding. Will investigate that tomorrow. I did pull the white thermister wire, no help. Hope its not the main board.


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                  If it's a main board check eBay often there will people selling used ones at a fraction the cost of a new one. I bought a spare one for my 422's in case I ever have one go out. Best I remember I was able to buy it for about $50.


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                    Wire was good. I pulled the connector off the mother board. At first it cleared the E1 fault, plugged it back in and it ran for a while then came back. Pulled the flame rod and it felt like it was hitting something towards center of burner. looked like it was bent more then 90 degrees also, bent it closer to 90 degrees. But I was getting all zeros after it tried to start a few times, really random crazy beebs. It was kind of going crazy. The control buttons on top felt mushy, not "clicky clicky" Took the top panel apart, showed signs of corrosion. (heater set out in the rain I thinks) So I took a dry clean tooth brush and got the board clean, then blew it off with shop air. Then put a drop of WD-40 on each micro switch, clicked them a bunch of times, then blew dry again. been running it outside on a test setup and its not failed yet. I think there was something shorting with that white/yellow corrosion on the board or switches.

                    I have a junker 441 and the boards are the same. (sort of) But to use the 441 looks like you have to separate them? Any of you guys seen that? says 441/442 on the these boards, the only difference is the 441 boards are mated together.

                    So its working now!

                    Want to rebuild it but if there is some crazy electrical gremlins dont want to waste the money. Will require at least a burn ring. I have the burn matt in bulk and the glue and the gasket material.

                    I have two of these 422 I want to sell after rebuilding to offset the $$ I just spent on buying a toyo 530 for the garage.

                    I totally rebuilt my 2400 after 16 years. On and off use. I love the 2400. Hope to get 8 years on it, now using it all winter here in SE Alaska