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Laser 73 heater vibration


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  • Laser 73 heater vibration

    I hooked up my Laser 73 and the heater vibrates pretty bad when the combustion motor speeds up. I took the elbow off and didn't see anything inside the spinning wheel. Is it common for this to happen with these? The heater is working great otherwise. If I hold my hands on the sides the vibration goes away.

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    I'm not familiar with the Toyo heaters. Is it possible there's a worn out or rough bearing in the combustion fan motor causing the vibration?


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      You need to clean out the exhaust side of the blower. It has carbon or heavy soot build up and is out of balance.



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        Is there an easy way to clean it? Do I remove the blower? How would it get carbon in it? Isn't it just drawing in outside air?


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          The Toyo blower is a dual function unit. It sucks air in on the bottom fan and blows exhaust out by the top fan. The Toyo combustion system is not like the Monitor system. Monitor is what we call a positive pressure system. One fan that blows air and exhaust all the way through. Toyo is a negative pressure system. The exhaust fan is bigger than the air side, so it sucks the air through. There are pluses and minus's for each system.

          The Toyo exhaust fan on Laser 73 needs to be cleaned every two years at minimum. If you live in a moist area you may have to clean the unit and heat exchanger every year. Condensation can cause the soot and carbon in the blower and heat exchanger to collect water. If this is the case, it is necessary to clean both the blower and heat exchanger every year. Try Rural Energy Enterprises web site for maintenance tips.