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  • Toyo water heaters

    The Toyo BS 36, OM 122 and
    OM 148 water heaters are very efficient. They do require a little work every once in a while. The nozzle and electrodes need attention about every three years. The electrodes may only need to be brushed off, but the nozzle should be changed out. The burner retention head should be cleaned as well. It only takes about 30 minutes to do this job.

    Don't put it off too long as you never want the burner to soot up. If the unit soots up, it is a major job. To clean the soot from the unit every screw and fastener needs to be removed to get at the Water tank. Once the tank is removed from the base you can clean it with hot soapy water and a tube brush. The tank needs to be completely dried before it's but back in. This could take a day or so with some heat source. The tank has baffles that have to be removed and more than likely replaced. The top of the tank is called the muffler and is sealed with silicone. This should dry for 24 hours to be heat proof. I've done several and it takes every bit of 8 hours labor. Even a moderately priced service guy will charge $600 to $800 to do this work.

    A little prevention can go a long way.

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    Are you seeing any difference in the soot build-up between heaters burning kerosene & heaters burning No. 2 fuel oil? My BS-36UFF Type A has been running since 1997 on kerosene, & the only problem I had was with the flame detector after 10 years. At that time I cleaned the burner & replaced the nozzle. I took the nozzle apart & it looked just fine. I have the heater on a timer, so it's only on about an hour a day, so that may reduce any soot build-up. Average fuel consumption is about 1/3 gallon per day.


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      I don't have any experience with #2 fuel oil and Toyo water heaters. Here in Alaska we use #1 or jet A because of the temperature.
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