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Laser 30 Combustion Blower Motor


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  • Laser 30 Combustion Blower Motor

    There are two styles of Laser 30, A model and B model. Most people convert to the B model when they need to change the motor. The B model has a different shaft and fan arrangement that is superior to the A model. Quit often the A model fan is frozen to the shaft and needs to be cut off. If you do convert to the B model be sure to get the two washers and nut needed. That being said, Yes you can change the bearings if you want to. Each has a large and a small bearing. I don't know the numbers, as I always use a new motor. The reason for using the new motor is the RPM sensor magnet is hard to get off the shaft. If you break it you're done. The numbers can be found on the bearings.

    I just looked at the Toyotomi inventory and found the A model motor is NLA, so you'll have to up grade to the B model. $150 for motor, fan, spacers and nut.